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Purple : Photowork pour The Green Gallery n°4


Mysterious and terrifying – suddenly the colour purple was there. In a tumultuous arrival, sensual and seductive, the beauty of magenta and deep purple is conquering the trends. A Purple Rain: warmer than night, an enchantment which awakens purple plants with a kiss_______.

A resurrection for purple

Trend forecasters are foreseeing black’s departure, which leaves plenty of room for an alternative which stimulates the senses. Rich, dark and abundant: the surreptitious temptation seeps from every shade. Whether you’re running your fingers along a purple Velvet Plant (aka Purple Passion…), retiring to bed under a blanket in the Story Hotel in Stockholm, or settling onto a fuchsia mermaid sofa at the new Los Enamorados hotel in Ibiza, purple is the colour that touches your heart.

Photos by Myriam Balaÿ @myriambalay – Purple –
The Green Gallery n°4
– Plants

Texte :
Pauline Egge, Nancy Berendsen
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fleurs de bord de mer





la cuisine de l’appartement au mur absinthe à différentes heures de la journée


table ronde en métal, verre de cantine,  bassine de bazar & fils chinés pour mes LOOM (s)

bouquet de fleurs cueilli en bord de mer méditerranée

My fragile fritillary : Photowork – The Green Gallery n°3

My fragile fritillary…

Like the first plover’s egg heralds spring, the enchanted fritillary causes a jump in your heart. Oh delicate bell-shaped flowers worn by a beautiful, long and delicate stem, unfold your fragile diamond pattern, and dance on this soft spring breeze___.

Oh delicate spring muse, caressed by the first sunbeam

Photos by Myriam Balaÿ @myriambalay – Fritillary –
The Green Gallery n°3
– Flowers_Muse

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