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INSIDE OUT N°100 by Living Agency


Words Tina Hom/ Photographs Jean-Marc Wullschleger/Living agency

“For years, we collected drawings and pictures. The rough walls of the apartment allow modular attachment,”



As far as fertile creative cities go, it’s hard to imagine one more
so than Paris, but after years of living and working in the
vibrant but hectic world of theatre, film, television and haute
couture, Myriam Balaÿ Devidal needed a change. Trading in the hustle
and bustle of the City of Light, this graduate in industrial product
design sought refuge in Nîmes, an ancient, southern city that moves
at a slower pace. This dramatic relocation has seen Myriam reclaim
her inspired self and indulge her love for treasured antiques and
vintage finds. She has created a family home with a generous dose
of personality, which expresses the lives and loves of its inhabitants.
Now working mainly in textiles, fabrics, colours and scenography,
Myriam’s aesthetic sensibilities are illustrated in the 19th-century
apartment (located in the centre of Nîmes) where she lives…


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