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Voyage, espace et temps


Du Proche et du Lointain expresses above all the idea of a journey

…within the space, since we are working in a remote place of South India, in the very heart of traditional handweaving craftmanship that combines freedom and strict rules, imagination and usefulness.

…along the time, since we are taking advantage of ancient skills and working rythm.

If we are looking for authenticity, we are eager to root our work in the present time, which means that we explore contemporary graphic structures, style … and that we play with textures and colour dynamics.

 Each peace of work we produce – about 200 a year – is unique, expressing a particular intention and/or answering a precise need : claustra, door coverings, bedroom carpets, wall hanging …

Among professionals who welcome our work are :

in London, Maryse Boxer at Maison Joseph, David Champion, Egg

in Paris, Galerie Néotu, Galerie Frédéric de Luca, Ebène Macassar, La maison sur l’eau (Agnès B)

in New York, Mona Kim Studio

in Aix en Provence, Designers Studio