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Ethereal – The Green Gallery (n°14)

Floral enlightenment

We’re awaiting an ethereal spring with fluffy bouquets and airy florals, like see-through blooming explosions drifting on delicate waving stems_______.

Transparent bouquets

Guided by this growing love for nature and all that’s within it, we start new matching trends. Spring has never before looked so delicate and pale. Airy clouds made of large floating flowers are popping up everywhere. We see elegant spring grasses dance on their delicate waving stems. Huge but almost transparent fuzzy bouquets give us the impression that they float above our beautiful decorated dinner tables – filled with healthy food in beautiful natural colours.

Photos Myriam Balaÿ @myriambalay – Ethereal –
The Green Gallery n°14
– Floral enlightenment

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Rosanne Loffeld

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