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Platycerium : Photowork pour The Green Gallery n°12

The T-Rex of plants

Gigantic and indestructible our beloved staghorn has survived the green dino-age effortlessly. It provides safety, protecting your private green sanctuary with their strong green fingers________.

The exotic Platycerium, or staghorn fern, has always aroused great curiosity because of its unusual shape and elephantlike texture. That’s why many ancient cultures regarded this striking Australian plant and its natural life as sacred. According to English traditions the H and L form of the staghornleaf symbolically refers to the H of Holy, and the L of the Lord. Used as doorknocker man even believed to be protected against evil. Talked to, and with a little imagination, the staghorn can also be compared with a reliable priest taking your confession. Its always there when you need it, and listens without judgement. With its strong and firm elephant skin, it is not easily impressed. Not by extreme conditions nor brutal confessions.

Photos by Myriam Balaÿ @myriambalay – Platycerium –
The Green Gallery n°12
– Green sanctuary
– cahier de Tendance

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Rosanne Loffeld

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