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Spring goddess : Photowork – The Green Gallery n°10


Like a Greek beauty, thought lost and now resurrected. The carnation with its serrated, fringed and sometimes striped petals is like a curvaceous Goddess. The essence of everything that is feminine. In an era when we are embracing ancient symbolism, it can return to the spotlight with its corset-like calyx and feathery petals_______.

Divine flower

Greek Goddesses serve as a contemporary role model for young and older women.. Age is viewed as beauty again, and that explains why Greek mythology has become the source of inspiration. How appropriate that the carnation’s botanical name ‘Dianthus’ is also derived from ‘dios’, which means ‘god’. The divine flowers a symbol for silent resistance and revolution. Sexy old is the new good. In a time when we are embracing the symbolism of age, in which we like old furniture and fabrics and come to realise how beautiful an old person is, ‘young at heart’ is becoming the new rule. This is also evidenced by the revolutionary timeline of the 85-year-old Instagrammer @Baddiewinkle (‘stealing your man since 1928’) With its notched, serrated, fringed, coloured and sometimes striped petals and tubular calyx the carnation is equally idiosyncratic. Its exterior betrays its inner youthfulness. With a daring design and refined colour nuances it is an exceptionally welcome dissonance when it comes to beauty and inspiration.

Photos by Myriam Balaÿ @myriambalay – Carnation –
The Green Gallery n°10
– Flora

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