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Cerulean Hydrangea : Photowork pour The Green Gallery n°15

Serenade in blue

We’re celebrating the beautiful cerulean Hydrangea. This year she’s striving to be bold yet elegant, fierce but not sweet and outspoken instead of lovely…

Cerulean reflection

The lovely Hydrangea reminds us of clear blue summer skies. Looking up to the sky, blue is the only colour we can see, but this heavenly cerulean contains a huge treasure. It has all colours of the rainbow in it, hidden for the human eye… Sky blue is known as a symbol of unlimited possibilities and freedom. It creates space and stands for protection and inner surrender. Sounds like the safety and freedom we are all so desperately longing for. “At a time when algorithms to a major impact, it is important to be inspired by nature and man”, predicts Lidewij Edelkoort for spring 2020. And she’s right. Slowly we are becoming aware of the fact that we have to follow new ways and beyond all we have to trust in them to be inspiring and full of wonders.

Photographie Myriam Balaÿ @myriambalay-  Cerulean Hydrangea –
The Green Gallery n°15
– Serenade in blue
– cahier de Tendance

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Rosanne Loffeld
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